The golden hues of a summer's evening . . . softly, gently soothing us into the night. A time to rest, to heal and, together with all of the inhabitants of the earth, to sleep . . . and "perchance to dream".

The golden hues of a summer's evening

This is a gentle time of the evening in the heat of summertime, when the days work is done, food has been prepared and eaten; dinner dishes are washed and put away or are stacked on counters until tomorrow. Parched gardens are watered and bikes are put away. In the country, chickens noisily begin to file one by one into their roosting places, cows are settling down for the night after milking time, and in the city streets, music and voices, mingled with the delicious aroma of garlicky-roasted potatoes, drift through the soft evening air past neighbouring windows opened wide to let in the cooling breezes of the night. A time to totally be ourselves.....a time to breath in peacefully.....deeply.... relaxing the mind, the body and the soul.

When the day is done, acknowledge your accomplishments! You have done the best you could with this day. Look around you and count all of your many blessings. Not all of the people on our planet will sleep tonight on a clean bed, under a protective roof and without fear of religious, or political persecution. Only an amazingly small percentage of people on this earth can enjoy bountiful food, comfortable homes, personal dignity, freedom of speech and the opportunity to achieve success in their lifetime. 

When this day is done...let us all count our many blessings! 
Namaste "I respect the spirit within you"

Inspiration and photograph by Aldonna Kaulius-Barry 2003
Inspiration for the Month courtesy of
Aldonna Barry Personnel and Management Consultants Inc.

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