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Hiring the right people is where a company’s success begins. From the Receptionist in the front lobby to the President, the success of the journey and reaching distant and difficult destinations can be achieved only through the passion, talent and solid determination of a powerful TEAM.


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Aldonna Barry Personnel & Management Consultants Inc., has been recruiting professionally for over two decades, providing top quality personnel to a wide variety of business types and sizes, including: corporate, manufacturing, family business, multi-national enterprises, sales & service and distribution.

At Aldonna Barry Personnel & Management Consultants Inc. we understand that Senior/Executive Recruitment is serious business. Many individuals believe that you build a team from the ground up. We have learned the opposite. We believe that in order to build a powerful team you need to start at the top. The Presidents, CEO’s, leaders, managers, and supervisors of every enterprise need to have the talent and personality to inspire, direct, motivate, teach, empower, partner, and mentor every employee within the company.

We provide:

We provide

If you have a Senior Position to fill within your company, call us to-day at 905-584-4242 to arrange for a confidential consultation or e-mail us at: welcomecentre@ABPhireandinspire.com.

If you are a candidate for a Senior Position, please send your resume to resume@ABPhireandinspire.com.


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November 25, 2001
Aldonna Barry Personnel

I would like to express my admiration for the tremendous support you have provided to our company over the past twelve years.

When starting a business relationship, one wonders whether you are making the right decision for the benefit of your company. Some decisions are based on cost savings. The relationship between our two companies has been based on a value added service that Aldonna Barry Personnel has provided to Nilfisk-Advance in the form of dedication, co-operation, understanding who we are, and introducing us to prospective associates who would feel a part of our company. Ultimately, I feel it is the personal touch only Aldonna Barry would provide in representing her company's mission.

Aldonna, over a decade ago I made a great decision to do business with you. Your company has brought excellent associates to join our company. Today, we continue to grow and prosper with a number of individuals introduced to us by Aldonna Barry Personnel. We thank you for being a part of our success!

Bruce Takahashi
President, Nilfisk Advance Canada Company