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FACTSHEETS outline the essence of each subject in a clear, concise, point form. These informative guides offer you proven management tips and reminders. They will guide you and strengthen your abilities as a manager or supervisor of employees.

FACTSHEETS are one to four pages in length, laminated and three-hole punched.

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Sample Tips from Termination/Exit Interviews
Learn how to terminate legally and with greater comfort!

Tip No. 4 from Termination/Exit Interviews FACTSHEETS  

Don’t go it alone. What is perceived to be an easy Exit Interview can take a turn. Have someone at a supervisory, management or human resources level sit in with you.

Tip No. 9 from Termination/Exit Interviews FACTSHEETS  

Be prepared. This is not a time to discuss work history or problems.  You have done all of that previously in corrective interviews. Have the employee’s final cheque and a letter of termination ready.  Make sure that the final cheque includes all monies owing to the employee.

Tip No. 11 from Termination/Exit Interviews FACTSHEETS  

If the individual breaks down and starts to cry. Leave the room and let them know you will be back in a few minutes.  Chances are they will pull themselves together in those few minutes of privacy. Their dignity is as important as yours.

Sample Tips from Performance Appraisals
Build a stronger and more respectful relationship with every member of your team! 

Tip No. 2 from Performance Appraisal Interviews FACTSHEETS  

Do your homework. Keep notes throughout the six-month period, if that is the time frame you use to appraise your employees. Don’t think that you can remember 100% of their performance. Each of your employees should have a file in which you record anything noteworthy regarding their work, attitude and contribution. As well any conversations you have regarding holidays, their remuneration, their concerns, suggestions or complaints. Be assured that THEY WILL REMEMBER!

Tip No. 3 from Performance Appraisal Interviews FACTSHEETS  

Book a time agreed upon by yourself AND your employee.

Tip No. 13 from Performance Appraisal Interviews FACTSHEETS  

No phone calls, no interruptions, no excuses. This time is important with your most valued inside-customer.

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